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Wallas Spartan Air-Diesel Heater

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The Spartan Air is a 4,5kw air heater which has several new features in the boat heater market. It works with diesel and HVO diesels and it has greenboost laminar burners which burn diesel effectively and in a clean way.

Spartan Air is equipped with 3 x 75mm air outlets. With large air volume and low resistance it will boost air flow and save energy. It will also muffle sound levels of air movement and provides a more pleasant atmosphere in the boat.

The Spartan has the option of floor mounting or wall installation with a heavy-duty bracket included.

It boasts very low surface temperatures on the body of the unit and exhaust pipe, making it extra safe.

This latest 12v model has the advantage of only requiring a low-voltage startup requirement of just 10v and has the latest Greenboost burner for more efficient and clean burning, using just 0.16-0.46 litres/hour. The fans are RPM controlled fans for optimal performance and the unit has a new PCB and advanced control panel. It has Intelligent temperature control too for optimising heating and fresh air.

The Spartan's new advanced control panel has Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity - this makes it simple for program updates and provides the future option to have revolutionary program changes. There is also the option for a detachable Bluetooth thermostat beacon so your heater can get the heat sensing from anywhere in the boat.

There is also a New App for Spartan Air/Twin Air that is available from the app store or on Google play. It gives you control of your Wallas from anywhere on your boat. You can also see the usage hours and number of starts. You'll also receive service reminders and be able to troubleshoot more easily with an intuitive troubleshooting helper.

  • Enhanced low voltage control
  • Unit has a new PCB and advanced control panel
  • Greenboost burner for more efficient and clean burning
  • Very low surface temperatures in unit and exhaust pipe can fitted inside the cabin
  • New advanced control panel has Bluetooth / WLAN connection
  • RPM controlled fans for optimal performance
  • Programme updates. Future option for revolutionary program and controls
  • Wallas Application control by WLAN and Bluetooth network
  • Floor or wall installation option
  • Intelligent temperature control for optimizing heating and fresh air
  • Support for detachable Bluetooth thermostat beacon


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